Our Products

Our products range from Devices, Tools, Content to IOT Platform

Lets take everyone on internet of things. Lets design, create and share....

Ganu kit

Ganukit makes learning computer easy, simple and ready to explore by everyone. Assemble your own computer, keep it open. Code it and Game it. Learn awesome things faster and easier, otherwise seems difficult.


Pral VR is developing the content for Ganu kit in the form of codes, devices, projects and commercial products. Content is generally targeted to Coding, Physical computing and Intenet of things. It includes software, hardware, tools, images, media and third party supported things. The main goal is to equip everyone to prepare and produce devices of their own choice as easy as possible.

Ganu IOT Platform

Our aim is to preapre a simplistic and ready to integrate 'Internet of Things' platform for everybody. For kids, hobbyist and for commercial applications. Simplicity is the base parameter on which Ganu IOT platform is developed. Ganu IOT platform is doing 'Internet of Things'  like drag and drop functions in user interface. Decide, design, prepare, integrate, deploy and share... Ganu IOT.