Helping everyone digitize their lifestyle

Our first product in our product portfolio is launching in February 2016. Ganu kit. From here we aim at digitizing the everyones lifestyle with the help of internet of things. Lets build a secure and wonderful future ahead. Make the technology on every front other than to only consume it. The best part is everyone can do this with the product offerings from Pral VR.

Pral VR is team of few passiaonate young people who have core experience in product design, engineering and deployment. Our foremeost goal is to digitize everyones lifestyle. Everyone needs to be future reay. Like in old movies all detectives were hard core programmers too. They just knew progamming and hacking systems to make them great detectives. The time is coming soon where all disciplines required this. We have taken this challenge and made the first product in the portfolio for the kids. So kids can start their coding practice with necessary computional thinking to solve the real life problems. The next product would be Ganu IOT which will procide the laymans internet of things portal for everyone.

Our team is doing best to provide all neceassary content for both the products to keep users enganged and entertained. Though we are startup, we filled with lots of technical expertise with neseesary understanding of products in internet of things domain.


Founded 2015

We are young, energetic and with the core experience in the fieild of IOT. We have a wonderful  goal of digitizing your lifestyle.

2016: First Exhibition

In FEB 2016 we will be part of our first commercial exhibition of products. SurgeConf in Banglore, India.

You feel there should be no barrier between your creativity, ideas and your physical world. Ganu IOT Platform and Ganu Kit is built to work this way: Frictionless expression.

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