Ganu Kit


Ganu kit is composed of computer parts. Anyone can assemble the computer and have a feeling of technical creativity. The kit design is little challenging and mechanical in nature. Kids specially love this.


The core purpose of Ganu kit is to expose coding to everyone. Instead of only consuming technology; make it. The kit is having pre-mounted software content in Scratch, Python and HTML with OS. It also has Physical thing to code it and try. The best tool to learn programming and internet of things.


Connect it to Ganu IOT platform. The seamless and easiest way to configure and connect to internet of things. One can completely automate his home, his things and his digital lifestyle. Ganu IOT platform takes care of everything else from confuguration, connections, services, security and privacy.

Content For Digital Lifestyle


Ganu Kit and Ganu IOT deliver the content. Content required by everyone to learn, share, analyse and connect. Ganu kit bundled with OS and code content. Much more things are avaialaible through portal.


Ganu kit is Physical computing device. Special hardwares and electronic things (Sensors) are avaialaible on the portal to buy. Software componenets comes free and anyone can connect them to internet using Ganu IOT platform.


The rest of the content comes from community in terms of sharing. We are building the community for coding and kids. Community for physical computing and internet of things. Let's GanuWorld it!

Ganu IOT Platform


Ganu kit is your first device to be connected to the internet using Ganu IOT platform. We are building a eco system where wearables, consumer electronics, mobile devices and other things would be esaily integared to our digital lifestyle. Connect all things as necessary as possible to the internet.


Ganu IOT is a complete eco system with number of devices connected to it with different protocols. Ganu IOT provides scalability, onwership, privacy and the most importantaly security to all your things and digital lifestyle. Connect your things to make them your digital lifestyle.


Ganu IOT provide simple configuration like drag and drop things. You need not to be an enginner or expert to make your own internet of things and home automation. Connect things, configure them and share them with your social connects.

You feel there should be no barrier between your creativity, ideas and your physical world. Ganu IOT Platform and Ganu Kit is built to work this way: Frictionless expression.

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